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Hello all, just joined. From OHIO


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Hello all! I just stumbled upon your site and signed up. I live in NE Ohio, am 24 years old and collect odd cars from around the globe.

I was going to follow the theme and put a list of my cars in my signature below but it wouldn't allow me as I think I used up too many characters.

Anyways, I am glad to be a member of your forum.

One of my oldest and most interesting cars is a 1937 Mercedes-Benz WWII Nazi Staff Officer's war car that I am presently doing a body off of frame restoration on. I have finished the frame/suspension and have begun the body. The original interior from wood to seats is immaculate without wear as the car has only 1542 original kilometers. The glass & chrome is also in great condition, but the outside paint had severe issues. I have all war documents including the open reconnaissance and import and war papers, front fender flags, also driver's hat, goggles and other artifacts found with the car. From Germany to Chile, now to my home in Ohio USA.

For those 1950's car lovers I have some such as a 1955 Borgward Isabella Sport Coupe with 20,000 original kilometers, Imported from Germany and brought to my home. 1956 Bentley S1 Continental right hand drive, all original with 33,000 original I drive this car everywhere. 1956 Mercedes formerly owned by Fred Rogers of Mr Roger's Neighborhood TV show.

The 1960's cars include some cool ones such as a 1961 Olympia Rekord sport coupe with 14k original kilometers imported from Germany aswell. 1966 Datsun Fairlady sport convertible with hard top. 1967 Renault Caravelle sport convertible with hard top.

There are many more, and lots more years I just thought I would toss some out there for you all. I hope you have heard of some of these cars before.

I do have American cars and have owned many, so I am not a foreign only car lover. I just sold a 1955 Starchief the other day.



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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. You will find lots of good people here who will be very happy to discuss anything concerning antique cars with you. It sounds like you have an interesting collection.

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That Borgward is a neat automobile and the Bentley Continentals are very attractive. Let us know what else you have. Also tell us a little more about yourself. Are you an AACA member. For $35.00 a year you get the bi-monthly magazine with lots of swell automobile and show information and photos. There is a wealth of automotive knowledge here on the forum and they can answer about any question you have. It's always nice to find young people that are interested in more cars than just street rods and muscle cars. By the way, I just turned 71 and still enjoy going to the shows and taking photos of the cars. The AACA shows are the very best. They are always listed in the club magazine months ahead of time so you can make plans to attend them. Hope you enjoy the forums.

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