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Steeldraulics pliers

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Anyone inherit one of these from Gramp's tool box? It's to adjust 1920-30s Steeldraulic brakes.

This wrench was made by a number of manufacturers:


Herbrand 272 "Steeldraulic" Pliers

Duro-Chrome 2120 Pliers

Utica 516 Pliers

Vacuum Grip No. 14 Pliers

Blackhawk 2581 Pliers

Bonney 2581 Pliers

Got one you wouldn't mind parting with?

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If I saw one of those pliers ( and I haven't run across one in my 40 years of scrounging / swap-meets / flea-marts ), I certainly would not have guessed it was for adjusting brakes.... :confused:

It looks like what might happen if Salvador Dali had been a tool-maker ! :rolleyes:

Glad you found one, Barry !


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Evidently, not all Steeldraulic brakes are the same. To adjust the Steeldraulic brakes on my '29 Hupp, only takes a 9/16 socket wrench.

One bolt slides a wedge and the second locks it in place. Access is through a small window in the brake drum.



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Yep, that's a difficult one to adjust without the right tool. It looks like the teeth are a little to fine to use a screwdriver. Oh well, at least people have saved some of the old pliers. After you get them all adjusted, hang onto the steering wheel, you'll be stopping on a dime.

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That's a Priority Mail FLAT RATE box item. $4.95 will get it anywere in the USA. I'd spring for the $0.70 delivery confirmation just to know it won't get lost. Wrap and pack it with newspaper so it won't slide around inside the box. Merry Christmas!

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Here's the all-purpose Andy Warhol version.

Ok, not really. Complete with screwdriver and tack puller ends, and a wire cutting slot. Appears to also be pliers for small diameter things such as pipe or rod. Pat. 1903. Maybe ok for cracking small nuts too. Any more ideas?


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