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Engine Codes 63 & 34

Guest Bill_Boro

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Guest Bill_Boro

My car is showing engine codes 63 and 34. These I believe are for the MAF sensor. Any typical or generic problems that I should look for or start with?

The car is low milage but was parked for a year. It runs fair for a while, then stalls or runs rough. It has a buzz that sounds like a seatbelt buzzer coming through the radio speakers buzz is present even when engine is stalled. The buzz may or may not be related to the engine codes.

Thanks for the advice.

Bill Boro

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34: If intermittant it might be dirty but first I would just R&R the connector.

63: This is one of the EGR solenoids or wiring.

Are they ©urrent or (h)istory ?

Buzz in radio with engine off is probably bad capacitors

If unknown I'd start with a major tuneup: Delco ignition, Rapidfire plugs, 8mm plug wires, O2 sensor.

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