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I accidentally slashed my top....


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I accidentally slashed my top, so now i have to get a new one. I was planning on buying one off of ebay and paying a top installation company to put it on. Does anyone have any experience with this and can suggest the costs, type of top and how the top held up over any length of time?


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Guest My TC Toy

Ouch! and that's putting it mildly. You will hopefully get some responses through this thread. Personally I would not tackle an installation, I think it would be better if a professional did the work, then all the little adjustments can be done properly in order for the top to fit correctly.


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Guest 38cadillacjack

as a person that has put on maybe 1500 tops,most shops will not guarantee fit or problems that are the makers fault,if you need a top ask the trimmer his suggestions,you may be supprised at the small difference for completely warranteed top,besides might keep a local business in business.

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Guest Silverghost

Most auto trim shops make their money on both the price mark-up cost of the top they supply ~

AND their installation labor~

No shop will be thrilled to install a top that YOU supply !

They will know you are only trying to save money by not buying the top from them~

You might end up paying more if you go this way~

IF they will do the job !

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These tops can be had in the stayfast tan fabric now instead of just vinyl or in black fabric. They are also available from some companies with the glass and fabric surrounding it. The top shop you use will probably know the best places to get the material and will definitely do a better job of fitting the top due to their experience. Shops that work on Mercedes, Porsche, and other top line european makes will be right at home working on a TC top. The other option that works well for some people is finding a TC being parted out locally and getting a complete top from it, just 3 bolts per side in the back for removal/attachment.

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Guest vipernbox
How much do you want for it? Does it come with the frame?

Yes it has the frame. Ready to be dropped on ... It looks and feels new... I haven't seen any issues with it at all... It looks to have been on the car VERY little if at all...

Is it worth 600 bucks? (obo) (would really like to have it out of may way before I pull the same kind of stunt you did?)

I also have a hardtop.

I live in the Kansas City area

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Guest d_voitel

As ghostymosty said, if you go to a top shop that deals with high-end cars, (MB, Porsche, etc), they will do an excellent job. I had a new top installed on mine and I'm very pleased with the results. Haartz still makes a replacement top for the TC and the fit is great. The cost, however is a little steep, but it's worth it. Mine was $2500.00 including a new rear window.


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