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i HAVE THE FOLLOWING NOS PARTS FOR SALE.<BR> 1964-65 V6 , fan clutch 1.050-1357707 @$25.<BR>Ign Switch, fits 1949-50/70,1950-53-All, 1956-58 All. $20.00, #1116551<BR>Ign Switch, fits 1954-55, All. $ 20.00<BR>#1116505.<BR>3-Front wheel oil seals , 1957 , 6.320-1174007, $15.00 all.<BR>1-1957-58, all V8, Oil pump overhaul Kit,includes both gears and long shaft and seals.$40.00<BR>1949-56, 40/50 tie rod ends L & R side, E-165 L & R $20.00 pr.<BR>1967-71, 400/430/455, intake manifold rubber seals. 3.270- 1230501 $6.00 Post paid.<P>Questions ?<P>Jim Schilf / palbuick@aol.com

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