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Correction-1956 not 1946 Olds Convertible Value

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I'm getting my info on this car second hand. Found out that it's a 1956 & the person giving the info thinks it's an 88. Same info on condition -

True barn find. No title. True mouse hotel. Top is bad. Black paint. All original. No rust. No keys. Unknown if it runs or is seized. No pix - I haven't seen it yet. I want to buy it to flip it. Would sell either untouched or as a roadworthy driver, with as little done to it as possible to make it roadworthy.

Looked at NADA.com. Values range from approximately $30K - $95K. This car is below the low retail level on NADA. Any guesses as to what a fair price would be? How hard would this car be to flip - any demand for it?

Thanks in advance for any advice/assistance.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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