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Don Furguson '34 Coupe in Antique Automobile


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THANK YOU West! Just got home and AA was on the table, opened it and did a quick flip through, OUTSTANDING issue, lots of good reading for later tonight. The Don Furguson '34 Coupe was the first car that cought my eye, I saw it for the first time at Hershey. Don was the first "West Coast" guy to show up at Mom & Dads door step @35 years ago to buy a Riley 4Port race motor from me. Really neat to meet a SCTA 200MPH Club member for the first time. That Coupe was the start of a three generation Bonneville Record holding family. Really nicely done restoration. That 1907 American Underslung in the centerfold is one of my all time favorite cars, but the Regal Colonial Coupe also cought my eye on page 73. Happy Thanksgiving!Bob:D

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