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1956 Dodge 2 door post mild custom

Guest Grandpa Marc

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Guest Grandpa Marc

Chevys and Fords are all over the place.If you want something different and a attention getter then this might be worth looking into.Car was last on the road in 2001.It is very solid and a easy restoration.It will start and run.I would sell it for $5,000.There was one just like it on ebay that was realy nice for $21,000. For some reason 2 door post cars are rare.Apparently they did'nt make that many.Nobody in my family wants me to sell it.I have had it for over 30 years.I just have too many projects and am getting to old to finish them all.









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Guest sbright66

Could you please send me your #. I would like to talk about the car with you. Do you have anymore pics? Under Hood, Trunk, underneath? Any Rust? what would it take to make daily driver?



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Guest Grandpa Marc

Hi Steve,The car will need some work but it would not take much to make it a daily driver.Engine is a 315 super red ram rebuilt in the early 80's and never had a great amount of miles on it.Tires will be needed,very minor body work.Engine and under hood need repaint and clean up.Trunk is carpeted. Brakes leaked from sitting so no pedal.Were fine when parked. Car overall is very solid.Iwish I had time to work on it and get it back on the road.Lots of new stuff on it.My number is 828-685-8520 best to call in the evening after six.

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