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1913 Waverley Electric(new owner)

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I just purchased a barn fresh 1913 Waverley Electric. This car shows 4700 miles on the speedometer.

It appears to be very complete and in good condition for its age. I have no intention to restore this one just freshen up the electrics and replace the original hard rubber tire for conventional phnumatic hi pressure tires and wheels.

I'm interested is input for batteries, charger ideas, as well as wheels. I will be posting pictures in the future as soon as my wife returns from vacation with our digital camera.



Howard Musolf

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Most people just stack 6v deep cycle golf cart batteries in series to get the required voltage. I know of a heavily used Rauch and Lang that recently replaced all 14 of its batteries after about five years of service.

Photos of your wheels would help. That might be a tough one.

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As far as batteries are concerned, I plan on using 6V Deep Cycle batteries. My Rauch & Lang has an 80V motor in it and I plan to run 14 of these batteries to give me 84V. Here is a link to a Battery Supplier I am planning on checking out when the time comes:

U.S. Battery Golf

As far as chargers are concerned, you want a smart charger which will charge the battery up to a certain point and then switch to trickle to equalize the entire pack. The original charger for the car probably would not have done this. Here is a link to the charger I am planning on purchasing when the time comes:

RUSSCO Safety Electric Vehicle Battery Chargers

These are small and can be carried on-board.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to some pictures. Make sure you sign up with the Antique Electric Car registry if you have not already done so. Here is a link to our Yahoo Group:

antique_electric_vehicles : Antique Electric Vehicles

Welcome aboard!


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On the 1916 R&L that I help take care of we have a transformer and manually dial-up what we need, but this means needing to pay attention to what you're doing. A smart charger would definitely be better.

We started questioning this awhile back because we think there might be a problem charging the batteries in series, so occasionally we disconnect them and charge each one individually, and also use this method in an attempt to desulfate them after they've been in service for awhile.

Say John, while we were running 14 batteries, we also recently had a motor failure (we had a fully rebuilt one in the car and a spare in storage that was just "freshened-up"). Our motor man blamed us for cooking it on account of using too many batteries (though I think he first suggested it was a higher voltage motor than it actually is). A fully charged 6v battery is really like 6.5, so we're going to cut back one battery. You might want to consider the same. 14 batteries @ 6.5v makes 91 volts. We now believe we have an 80v (not a 90v) motor.

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