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Can anyone help with identification and info of Pedal Car

Guest Moyno1111

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Guest Moyno1111

Hi all,

New visitor.







Im from Ireland and recently found this pedal car in my Grand dads garage. I would like to restore to its origonal condition but am struggling to find any information or pictures of it in its origonal state.

It came over from America in the late 20's or early 30's

It looks like the colours were green and amber

Judging by the hood ornament it was a Gendron

Ive attached 2 photos of my granddads sister and brother in it and the rest are of it now

Any help would be appreciated


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Looks to me like it could be an American National, Gendron, or Steelcraft made Pedal Car, although, it looks quite detailed, more-so than many of the 1920's Pedal Cars from the United States in that time-frame.

Try this webiste too; Home Page - Juvenile Automobiles

The person on the other end of that website should be able to identify it for you.

Either way, it is neat.

Good Luck searching.

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