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Ignition/Lights not working

Guest 97welter

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Guest 97welter

I have a 26 Buick standard. The ignition switch and light switch does nothing. The levers were frozen, so i removed the housing, took the back off and freed the switches. I cleaned the contacts and reassembled everything. The horn doesnt work either. I replaced the battery cables and put a jumper from the starter to the coil so that I can turn the car over. It starts on starter fluid, think I need to disassemble the carb. Any ideas on my issues?

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Guest Silverghost

From your post it sounds like this car has possibly been in storage for some time ?

You may have to dis-assemble all the electrical switches and clean them-up like you have already done with the ignition switch.

Are you getting fuel to your carb ?

If so~ you may need to clean-up the entire carb also !

If not~ you have a fuel delivery problem from your gas tank to your carb.

Keep working at these issues and you will soon have it up and running ~

Keep us posted on your progress !

Good Luck ...

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