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Amphicars (several projects)

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I have a number of my own project Amphicars I just don't have time to work on. You know how it is, you never get to work on your own stuff! I have several customer car cars in the works (3 in process and a waiting list of 2+ years) so it leaves me no time for my own.

I have from a mostly complete parts car to rough but very inexpensive (<$5k) to a partially done but complete cars (a little more $). Serious buyers should call me so I can seperate the "wheat from the chaff." I get so much spam, a phone call to 303-868-8384 will help ensure your emails are not overlooked.

Serious buyers will get more photos and details via email.

Interesting trades considered

White - 90+% Complete, but rough

1st red - COMPLETE, good running engine/trans, most of metalwork professionally completed, currently disassembled (pic prior to disassembly).

2nd red- Parts car

Dark blue - Last of the 4 Amphicars to be found from the Ted Danson movie "Pontiac Moon." (B/W pic is this very car in a promo shot with Marie Steenburgen)






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