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1940 Buick Special Engine-complete

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Engine is complete, and is sitting in the cradle ready to pull. The exaust manifold is cracked (typical) of all strt-8ts.

Carb-starter-generator-pulleys-air box, distributer, tranny, bellhousing etc. it is all there. Except the spark plug wire sheild is missing.

I also have extra 1940 parts, misc stuff....Just ask.

Engine was last ran in October of 2000.

$500.00 OBO for the works.

E-mail me for pictures Brickey440@aol.com and specify "buick engine pictures" in the subject line so your e-mail will get answered.

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Do you have a 1940 speedometer? If so what is the condition of the plastic insert face?

John, the face is nice, but not perfect, has a small crack right by the odometer. The chrome ring is rusty, the glass is good.

I have a digital picture somewhere if you are interested..$45.00

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