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'40 Buick large & small water pumps.

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I just removed the tired engine from a '40 Buick Super and am installing a rebuilt from a '40 Special. The old Super engine had a larger water pump and larger pulley than the engine I am putting in.

What's the story here, was it a later pump on the Super?

Should I use the larger pump? How about the large pump and the small pulley together? The smaller pulley will make the fan run faster.

I'm new to these old Buicks.

Please help.

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I posted this on the Pre-war........ it goes along with the question above.

In another post, someone suggested using a fan blade from a '50's engine..... more blades.

Last weekend the Alamo club visited Jerry Coulsons new shop and sitting in the corner was this engine with a 6 blade fan. It was '38 or earlier as the transmission was a floor shift.

What year Buicks used this fan and will it fit my '39 with or without modification?

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Thanks for that Bill. Saves me a lot of trouble and wondering.

The serial number of the Special matches the title, the engine from the Super does not match the Super's registration so I guess you are right... It has had an engine change in the past.

I will get the NAPA 5 blade flex fan though.

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