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2011 Eastern Spring Meet, Stowe VT.

Guest vjcpicard

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Guest 40 Buick 51c

How about

Rocky Roadster

Chocolate Cabriolet Caramel

Banana Buick Sundae

Phantabulous Phaeton Parphait

Four In The Store Ice Cream Surprise

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Guest windjamer
:) Gene, along with the rest of the advice you have or will receive,may I suggest one more thing. Advertize advertize and advertize. Print up flyers for the local shows you attend between now and then and pass them to any one that will take one. I started telling people about our own Nat. meet in Binghamton two full years befor it took place. When the flyers for our regular fathers day show where printed I passed out hundreds at every show I went to and still had a couple of car owners call me mad as hornets because we where having a Nat. meet right here in my home town and nobody told me about it. :eek: I think some folks live in a cave. DONT let anyone tell you you dont need spectators! Most spectators are folks that like old cars,they are also your number one chance to recrute a new member. I just rec. about 50 pamplets from AACA (complements of our ex. dir.Steve Moskowitz ) and I will use them to try and gain new members at our next show. Yes it takes a lot of work, but its well worth it. I still receive complements and when are you gonna do it a gain?? from folks at lots of local shows I go to.
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