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Circa 1912 Auto to ID


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There is a picture of a 1912 Model 42 Inter-State roadster in The Standard Catalog - a drawing from a photo? - most features are a match but the profile of the rear fenders is different from this car. I note that in that year they also did a smaller 30hp car on the same 118" wheelbase - maybe this is one of these? I see this car has not yet had its top fitted.

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Great and unusual observation to you nzcarnerd, most people including old cars guys falsely think that the diamond tufted is highest quality. Plain also requires much more skill in installing. Big payoff was that it lasted much longer due to more wearing surface area and was a lot easier to clean.

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The lady is wearing a full length fur coat.

Can anybody blow up one of those hub caps? It may help us ID the car.

Manuel in Oz

I can't get over the fact that the only hubcap that I can find similar to that is Buick.

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