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'40 Buick parts

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I have a 40 Buick Special carts car. Can be restored easily. No rust-out, no dents.

Crankshaft reground. $250. Cam & solid lifters ground, $100. all doors and trunk lid, trunck handle, garnish mounlings, all chrome trim, 3 good 16" wheels, front end parts, complete rear end, cylinder head, steering column, all door handles, inside & out. Car in Oakland, Ca.

Aaron griffey (510) 415-1219


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I'm looking for a passenger side vent window regulator for my '42 Special. Any idea if you have one available and whether it would fit a '42? I think it might.

Also need a piece of trim that goes between the fron and rear doors at the top. A small piece - about 3/4" x 1 1/2"- any chance?


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I still have a good used master cylinder, a transmission that was in a car that I drove, I have most engine parts except manifold, & carb. No lifters but I have a reground cam & crank with new main bearing inserts. Block is bored +.080.

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