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Can someone ID the year of this truck?


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A good friend of 20 years had received this Chevrolet truck in 1959 when he was 14 years old but the fuel pump never worked so he and his friends would drive around the block until the pump which was manually filled would run out. The truck was soon parked in a storage shed.

The truck was sent to a body shop to be restored on the late 70s in the early 90s the shop went bankrupt and the truck was given back in the condition shown in the picture. It has been sitting under a pile of boxes until yesterday when I convinced him into unburying the truck and moving it to the workshop side of his shed so we can begin getting the truck back together.

My friend says the title of the truck indicates this is a 1927 Chevrolet Huckster pickup but I noticed the vehicle has front brakes which I thought was a 1928 item.

The hand stamping on the engine is X4956209. Can you tell me what my friend has; Is it a 1927 as the title says?

The chassis appears to have been restored and painted and is pretty close to being completely assembled. The transmission and engine had been rebuilt but the engine has't been put back together. After digging through a lot of parts boxes it appears like it could be all there but in one big jigsaw puzzle. Does anyone have a truck similar to this? I would like to see pictures to help the reassembly after the sheet metal gets returned from another body shop.


Best Regards,


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Tad, you need to consider that in years passed many states titled vehicles on the basis of the year the title was applied for, not the manufacturer's designation of production year model. Given the way the industry has introduced the next model year designated vehicles it is very possible for example that a vehicle designated as a 1927 model might have easily been titled by the state as a 1926 if the title was actually issued in 1926.

I once had a 1946 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe that was titled as a 1947 simply because it was it was not sold during the course of the 1946 calendar year.


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