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Picking up the pieces...

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It has been 17 years now since I pulled the rear bearings on a 1920 Series 5 Raceabout and used the tool in the attached sketch I drew up. My notes ay it was an OTC #1929 for 1946-80 GM 1/2-3/4 ton trucks. Similar to Snap-On #7090-A.

Don't know what you are exactly working on and whether it is same as the 1920 Mercer axle.



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Stude 8,

Not quite what i needed but I am pretty sure I will be needing to have that one too. Right now i am dissassembling the front of my 21 raceabout for inspection/ restoration.

To be more specific about the tool I am after...the part i am trying to remove is #10171 and 10172 on page 70 of the series 5 parts List. The machinists tell me not to use pipe to make a t handle socket (what i had planned) but to use plate metal of some sort as to better hold the 4 tabs of the bronze(?) piece. If you have plans for a known-to-work tool for this I would be very thankfull.

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Unfortunately I live over 400 miles from where the 20 Mercer resides so I can't inspect the items you have the question about. I don't have any notes about what you describe, but making a multi tab tool to insert in the bronze ring slots you want to remove shouldn't be a difficult task grinding a piece of metal tube or "Pipe" to do the job. Just use care and accuracy for fit and try not to exert too much force on the target part that could damage it.


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I found some copies of pages from older OTC and SnapOn catalogs of the spanner nut wrenches they marketed back in 1970's when we needed one to work on the 1920 Mercer rear axle bearings and seals.

Can't say they are still available but you can see if any are the exact size you need and then hunt for used wrenches at Hershey maybe.





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I got the old ones out finnaly, the right hand side looks like it was put on with a cold chissel and I ended up using a cold chisel to get the left hand one out due to a bit of buggered thread on the hub. I am going to be having some new ones cast locally. If anyone is interested in having a few made the foundry is charging $40 each to pour the metal I am planning on turning over the patterns in about a week or so. PM me if you would be interested in getting a few spares made for your cars.

Unrelated question: I have 8 Rudge wheel nuts (round with "pin" holes, no ears) that need to be re-plated but 4 say "US PATS" on them and 4 do not, I presume this to mean 4 are older than their siblings. Which 4 are more correct to my 1921 Raceabout? I also have 3 or 4 that have thin pointed ears, any clues as to what vehicle they go to? (these are in very abused condition)

I would also like any advice on where to go for plating work in the north-east.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the banter of this page- on and off topic both.

Sometimes we just all need to relax a little.... ;)

I concur mercer09. Had the older fellows not wandered from the topic I would probably not have found this thread. And the off topic tangential info has been of great interest to me. Thanks old fellas.

And of course, thanks young fella, TM, for initiating the thread.

I'll use this opportunity if I may to off-topically advise that I am searching for an early '20s Stutz Delco light/ignition system dashboard switch. The switch with the two levers, with one lever controlling the lights and the other three position lever controlling the two distributor/coil ignition systems.

Help in procuring one of these switches would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Scammell

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At long last a digital photo of the car...


by the licence plate (still attached to the bracket in my garage) and the background, I have to assume this photo was taken by my grandfather the day he bought the car from Otto Johnson. If anyone has more photos of the car I would love to see them. I know they are out there because Stan Smith gave me one that he had bought on ebay that shows it with a 1932 New York license plate.


Stans photo shows me that the car has not had the right side oil pump for a very long time and that the top and drum head and cowl lights were on it since some time before 32.

Mr Libaire told me that he may have some, because his father and my grandfather were friends back in the early days of the SCCA.

Any further info on the car or photos would be greatly appreciated.


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second photo (see edit history)
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I found this old thread after suggestion from a forum member when searching detail photos of 1911...1913 Mercer Raceabout cars.


My intention is to build a 1/6 scale very detailed model of the vehicle, and am searching contact information of companies or individuals who have restored these magnificent cars.


To be able to build accurate model, lot of photograps are necessary not only of outside details, but also of the frame, axles, suspension, wheels, gearbox, engine, etc. which normally are hiding under the car and bonnet.


Few years ago I was building a very accurate model of Bugatti 35 in my favourite scale 1/6, which was based on photos taken during restoration of a full size Bugatti. I attach a couple of pictures of the model so that you can see the level of accuracy which I am aiming to.


I have understood that there are many Mercer specialists at this forum, so I kindly ask if some of you could provide me the photos I need. I am also ready to pay a reasonable price for them to cover your trouble. In case you are not able to help me, I would appreciate it a lot if you could inform where to ask next.







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