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Can you I.D. this dual cowl phaeton?


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It is not an Oakland, it is a Chandler from 1928. They made three different models - this car does not look very big so I guess it is the smaller Special Six which had a 109" wheelbase and used a 195 ci six. The Big Six was 124" wb and used a 288 ci six and the Royal Eight used a 314 ci straight eight on the same 124" wb. A link to a bigger one. 1928 Chandler | Flickr - Photo Sharing! 1928 Chandler automobile | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Guest Casper Friedrich

I thought of Chandler too. Remember seeing an old photo of a dual cowl version like this, tucked away in a barn, in a small town in Central Finland. Somehow it was thought as an English car. The grille had been replaced with 1930 Ford model A's and newer front bumper. Probably nothing left anymore if it hasn't been taken care of by some collector.

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