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Marvel carburetor sealant-

Guest outlaw car man

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Guest outlaw car man


Anybody suggest a good sealant I can use, in conjunction with the gasket, when putting a carburetor back together.

I keep seeing gas resistant, but would like something better then just resistant. I think gas turns silicone based products to a gummy stuff.

Anyway, any suggestions.

I have some pitting and want to make sure it seals completely.



outlaw car man


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Guest outlaw car man


I use Krazy Glue to seal pot metal parts on vacuum tank lids, carbs, etc. It is not affected by modern fuels. I don't use sealants on carburator gaskets.

Thanks Mark,

It was brought to my attention that stuff like Permetex is very gas resistant but cleans off easily with alcohol. This creates another issiue with the Ethanol they stick in gas these days.

I'm going to check the surfaces with a good metal straight edge, I may be OK.

Gas problems, antifreeze problems, where is the bad air for your ties problem ? Our State is requiring inspection stickers for all vehicles starting this month. As far as I know it means every car on the road no exceptions.

So, I drive my 33 90 to the State inspection station , then what ? I have 1933 plates on the car which is legal in our State. So I get busted for not having an inspection sticker on a 1933 Buick 90- I'd frame the ticket-

Sorry for the rant, brief rant anyway,


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Don't know if you can get it in North America, but I use a product called Hylomar. It's like a gel in a tube, blue in colour and is resistant to fuels. Use it with or without gasket paper. Comes in liquid form like a pipe cement and aerosol can also. It's non-hardening and very easy to pull apart.

I use it on old head gaskets too. Rolls Royce are reputed to use it on their engines.

I've used all sorts of gasket cements over the years and for me this is the best for everything (except maybe exhaust manifolds )

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Guest morrissey

rooster down under i think it was you who removed old marvel updrafts & replaced with strombergs .Can you tell me what type of car the strombergs were off the year model of car & the main jet size this would be a huge help thanks Morrissey

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