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Count the Poodles...

Charles D. Barnette

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Here is my 1959 Buick "Copper Top" on display at the Shady Pines Trailer Park in Texarkana, Texas, which was visitied by the Airstream Trailer Club of Dallas, Texas, last weekend. Note the three poodle skirts, the poodle on the doll's dress, and the poodle on the purse making 5 poodles in all. Please also be aware that the Buick 59 division of the club now has available 2011 calendars for sale featuring 12 beautiful 1959 Buicks including "Copper Top". Along with "Cooper Top" which was Canadian built is another beautiful 1959 Canadian built Buick that has a black top over a green body. These two Canadian built Buicks have unique color combinations which are color combinations that could not be bought in the USA. There are also a Russian owned 1959 Buick and a Canadian owned 1959 Buick wagon (two wagons are shown in all). Charles D. Barnette


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I only count two near the cherry blossoms....

Neat photo...Suzanne has wanted a poodle skirt since we got the poodles.

I got one of those calendars a couple years back...perhaps it is time again, but then I'd probably just lose it to Joseph...no word on the local LeSabre being for sale, which is good since The Boss has other plans for her money now that I almost have a new toy box.


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