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replacing ends on stainless trim


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Hi Everyone,

I am sure I am not the only one having stainless trim that have lost the end caps over the years. Here is my approach to fixing the problem. Your results may vary.

#1 is the photo of the end with missing cap

#2 one stainless sheet

#3 stainless sheet piece cut from sheet (you'll need either very good aircraft snips or a cut off wheel to cut this stuff.)

#4 bead blasted clean inside and out

#5 set up of trim above the work bench slightly

#6 holding piece in place with special high class fixture

#7 silver soldered on (looks horrible but cleans up instantly once bead blasted again)

#8 rough trim of piece

#9 fitting and cut to match with a cut off wheel on a Dremel,,take your time on this one.

#10 Finished product after a few minutes of buffing with stainless rouge

silver solder can be purchased at your local welding supply shop, the stuff I used looks like a small diameter wire. You will also need a can of flux to make it stick.

I used an acetylene torch with a 000 tip. apply flux, heat till red, apply solder and it should instantly flow between the piece and the stainless trim.












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