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1946-48 Chrysler Front Hood Trim??


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Hi all, does anyone know if the front hood lip trim on 46-48 Chryslers were made with stainless steel, or chrome plated tin.

I have 3 or 4 of these trims, none in good shape, all made of tin, that was plated.

I have heard of these trims being made of stainless steel in the US, but maybe not in Canada.

Does anyone has one of these trims for sale, really could use this.

The trim in the pic, is pitted with tiny pin holes, a friend of mine is trying to replate another, but it is a home job, so so far not too good.......thanx Fred



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I have one but it, too, needs replating.

I will send you pic of it this week in a Private Message (PM).


I have yet to find out how to post a photo in the Private Message part of the forum. Can it be done?

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