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Not sure, do you have a 54 antenna and switch available? Thanks
Will need to look see. Will PM you when I do.
What's the difference between the 53 and 54 to 56 spark plug covers? I have a couple of sets some where but do not know what year they might be. Picture would help of the '53's


I'm thinking the wires come out the rear ends of the covers on 53 and the top at the ends on 54-56

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For the spark plug wire covers try Frank Lyle (Mr. 1958) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He had a couple of sets for sale in Ames, Iowa that were nicely powdercoated. I can't remember if they were the 1953's or the 1954-1956 ones.

His telephone number from the Membership Roster is 719.596.5852. I don't have an email address for him.

Good luck.

Al Mack

"500 Miles West of Flint"

"If the top don't drop, it's just another parts car!"

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