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15" brake upgrade?

Guest 89Reatta

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Guest 89Reatta

I am very impressed by 63Viking's brake mods (and obviously the rest of his upgrades look just fabulous) . Others I have seen / read about on this forum look equally impressive.

I have read about the Aurora brake upgrade for 16" wheels which like it would be worthwhile but I don't have 16" wheels.

Regarding brakes, mine are adequate but not stellar. I like my stock 15" wheels. Are there any brake upgrades for those of us with stock wheels?

Thanks for any comments / thoughts.

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Guess I am not sure what you mean. I used to race Corvettes in SCCA with certain "optional" brakes and the big difference was in the tires (and pedal effort. Of course in racing, you rarely want to really stand on the brakes since are usually turning at the same time & use the brakes more for loading the chassis (am an advocate of "late braking". Of course in racing you need brakes that cool quickly and work well hot so different from "just driving".

When I stand on the brakes in the blue car, all four 225x60x16s are squeaking on a dry Florida (shell aggregate pavement - very high traction unlike Texas asphalt), I can feel the Teves thinking about working, and it will give change from a dime. In such cases my first available glance is to the rear view mirror & often need to let it roll a bit if possible because the GIB is not stopping as fast.

Now could see a potential need if I lived in the mountains but Florida is flat so a need for brakes that can handle a long period of braking does not exist. Which brings us back to my feeling that the stock brakes are enough - for me.

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