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1939 and 1940 Brake Shoe Question


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1939 60 series brake shoes are 2" wide. and that the 1940 60 series brake shoes are 2-1/4" wide

Yes (as wriitten in the 1940 service presentation of which I have a poor photocopy)

Just one on the many items that were improved for the 1940 cars

Can a set of 1940 Century brakes be fitted to a 1939 series 40 and / or series 60 ?

1940 Service Presentation pg 38.pdf

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Hello....and thank you for taking the time to post regarding my question. I think the Century drums from the 1940 and up Buicks need to be used to "convert" a 1939 60 series car to the 2-1/4" wide brake shoes. I don't believe there is a difference in the front spindle length or wheel bearings. Hopefully, someone who has done this will chime in. John

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