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Radio Face plate for 41 LC


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OK,,here is the question of the day. While finishing up the restoration of my 41 Continental, I discovered the correct color for the radio face plate is a maroon color? Well,,It's dark anyway and the one I have is a tan.

The question is, as my car is body #18, could it be possible that it came with the tan face plate originally?

This car was 100% complete when I bought it 36 years ago and during the restoration process, there really wan't too much non- original on the car other than the underseat heaters. The radio was listed on the production slip so it wasn't added later.



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Attached is a photo of my '41 Cabriolet taken in the mid- 1980's

before it was restored. ALL of the door escutcheons, dash knobs

and radio faceplate were TAN on this car, body No. 90.

Mike Lynch


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Tom, I have several pics of '41 Continental dashes and all radio face plates except one are a tan/ivory color, close to color of the plastic knobs and steering wheel. The one exception is a face plate near the same ( color) as the mahogany woodgrain?

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Went through my Zephyr dash research photo files on my work computer (Yes, I'm doing this at work, but don't tell.) and here's what I found. See attached. As you can see, one is maroon, one tan and one looks dark gray.

I've always thought that the '41 face plates were Tan, Actually called "peachglow" according to John Murphy's research. I'm in the middle of molding the the '41 Radio stuff. Tuner knobs, selector and clear station dial are done, just need to mold the face plate. I'll be casting in peachglow with light yellow-tan knobs. Photos to come when I get the face plate done.




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No, the early car had the same as the rest....but you will see very few done correctly for some reason..the dark plastic absorbed more heat, light and dried out and crumbled away more often...but mainly consider the numbers of lz's vs lc's and customs..

41 radios made by Zenith, good 8 tube set, 7c5 loctkal push/pull outputs.. the big issue is the rubber cover wiring....and of course the leaky wax capacitors replace both and it will play like a champ..nice big 8'' speaker ....wiring is as bad as henrys plastics, (which sheds light on the face plate issue)..Look at those pics..not 2 of those are the same color / tone. I am not a 41 guy, but I am 95% certain it was dark brown to blend in with the dark dash...It seems the limited availability of correct dash plastic has caused a lot of not quite right repros / hand made wheels etc to be around.. I enclosed some more pics...I am amazed at the inconsistancy considering so many of ya'll like the judging...trophy stuff

Continentals and Customs had gold macoid trim, mahogony dash and brown radio...LZ had light colored dash, chrome trim and tan radio... Check with D Roycroft he is "Mr 41" and a really great guy!!

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The dash plastic is kinda like the gold macoid ...these cars did not have bright gold plated trim..it is way too bright, it was kinda thick like spar varnish over gold colored finish..but no one has a process so you see all kinds of stuff...not correct but accepted....The radio face plate color should match the horn ring trim...

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Attached is a photo of the '41 radio face plate and knobs I am currently to casting. Still working the bugs out. John Murphy generously loaned me his pristine example months ago and I am just now getting around to molding them and casting. Molding and casting the '41 face plate is extremely difficult due to the thinness and complexity of the item. Right now, the front face looks good but having difficulty with even color and air bubbles on the back side. Very frustrating. The entire unit is a six piece affair, face plate, four knobs and the clear station dial. What you see in the photo is NOT the correct "peachglow". Until I get the pour problems corrected, I use "testing" resin". Knobs will be a lighter soft cream color.

The second photo is the tuning knobs and push button for a ' 40 Continental radio I just finished last weekend. Difficult clamshell mold, easier cast than the '41 stuff.

Thanks for letting me share,




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Keith L.

Are you casting any of the 46 thru 48 LC plastic?I am in need of the circular plastic moulding that surrounds the inside door opener button. It is maroon

in color. Some what like the color of the radio wheels shown. Glenn Lorei


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This is an update from my post from last year.

Well, it took some time between moving from one state to another, but I got the casting issues resolved.

Attached is the '41 radio face plate and knobs that are going out to Tom Overfield today. Color is the correct '41 "peachglow" and it matches the interior items I made for him earlier this year. Just like the original, the back side is painted silver to block out any light coming from the radio. I placed a black piece of paper behind the clear dial indictor to highlight the painted numbers.

Send me a Private Message if you would like a complete color price list of all years, sent to you, either by email or mail.

I am still working on the '41 steering wheel recasting. I'm making a list of people that are interested. If you want on the list, let me know. In my next post i'll be asking questions of the general membership about steering wheels and recasting. Thanks, Keith



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