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Parting 1962 Electra 225


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Hi, I am looking for a few parts, are you willing to post to Australia? Need one set E.L.E.C.T.R.A. letters from rear quarter, complete front number plate bracket attaches to front bumper, LH front door hinge dust cover plate with the cutout to view the body VIN, the indicator lever plastic knob (not cracked or split, prefer red) and the plastic clips that secure the engine wiring harness to the inner fenders (at least 2). If you can help with any of these items I can be contacted at rbe78120@bigpond.net.au

Thanks, Rick

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Two door hardtop loaded with options. A/C. power windows and more. Good chrome. glass stainless, etc.

I need rear quarter panel lettering that spells "ELECTRA" for a 1962 Electra (the E, C, T) in particular. Would you still have any?

I also need a chrome piece that attaches to the right rear door inside arm rest on a 4-door. It's a forward chrome end cap approx 2 inch X 2 inch square that the chrome lift lever runs through. I can send a photo if that would help.


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