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Parts for early 60's Buicks


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I am thinking about looking for an early 1960's Buick convertible driver for touring in local AACA events. Maybe a V8 Skylark in good condition that needs little or no work.

I am wondering what availability there is for engine, transmission, and chassis parts to keep a car like this on the road. I do not imagine that these Buicks have the vendor network like Fords and Chevy.

All comments and thoughts would be appreciated.

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You are correct that the parts availability is not as supported as a Mustang purchase would be, but there are plenty of parts available, as well as an extremely knowledgable group of folks around here who can lead you in the right direction. As always, it is best to buy the most car that you can afford, so you get a complete car to begin with.

I love the 61-63 Skylarks. They are cute, easy to drive, and durable.

Good luck, and welcome aboard.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Buick. I courted my then to be wife 44 years ago because she was driving a 1961 Buick La Saber convertible.

Are there any issues to be aware of with the 1962-63 Skylarks?

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There are a few issues. #1 The CV Joint on the drive line can go bad if not properly greased and the repair parts are almost unobtainable. A new more modern CV joint would have to be installed. #2 The Dual Path transmission can be costly to repair, parts are available however, usually Reverse goes out on them. #3 The cooling system can be a source for overheating if not taken care of properly, like not keeping a 50% antifreeze in the system. Other than that, they are great cars and fun to drive.

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:) Hi Dan,

Those 60's Specials and Skylarks were nice cars, but why do'nt you go after a LeSabre like the one that started your marriage? It may cost more money if you get a conv., but would still be a great tour and show car!

:) kaycee

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