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Correct English, spelling and punctuation


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Guest MercWagn

I am on-board with most of this thread. Sadly, the lack of communication abilities extends into the so-called "educated". I work with many people in a variety of corporate positions who lack the skills many have written of in this thread. There is more to communication skills than "simple" grammar, such as the ability to logically and coherently convey a message, which can be accomplished with poor grammar (though most of us seem to agree that poor grammar is a red flag for an absence of these abilities). When you get right down to it, grammar and spelling are mere social conventions that have been established as "the norm", but a "norm" or standard is conducive to effective communication. The greatest peril of poor grammar and communication skills is found in the potential for misunderstanding, which as we all know is a major source of conflict in our lives and in our world.

I have used text messages in the past, but I take the time to spell correctly and use proper grammar. I have unlimited text and talk, so it is not any cheaper. I prefer verbal communication, preferably in-person. The cell/"smart" phone, in my opinion, is an electronic leash, and a symptom (in many cases--but not all) of insecurity. I would prefer that the business-dolt sitting at the table next to me utilize text-messaging, instead of interrupting my dinner with his inconsiderate public phone conversation (a sentiment I shared with him).

In the end, the "smart" phone and text-messaging not only have assisted in the erosion of communication skills, they play a major role in transforming common-courtesy into uncommon-courtesy, right along side uncommon-sense. Common-courtesy and common-sense are uncommon, and increasingly, good communication skills are becoming uncommon as well--even among the so-called "educated".

Now, lets break out the wrenches, ratchets, and experience a little automotive Zen (while Western civilization continues its slide into the cesspool).:cool:

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Because texting is cheaper. You don't use up your minutes.

You can take your time and respond when you want to and you can take your time formulating what you want to say. There IS a reason people text and/or sends lots of emails. The rest of you just haven't figured that out yet. :) Kit

Kit sorry to say in most cases that is not correct. I have been with people who do running conversations with a text as if they were having a verbal conversation.

I hope that texting is a passing fad as I am tired of waiting behind people at lights who are texting while waiting for the green light. You always know that they are because the light is green and they are looking down and not driving. You honk the horn and they don't "flip" you off because they know they should have been paying attention to their driving...

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Guest 89 Maui

The one nice thing about texting is i can send a text "when ur avail call me". I don't have to leave a voice mail and they dont have to call to get my message on their voice mail. What I have found is that since the computers have come to being, people have lost common sense in everyday life, I call them air-heads. They are the ones that call the serviceman to replace their furnace air cleaner or the ones that the battery went bad in their auto's keyfob and they call AAA to unlock their door when the key is on the keyring with the fob.


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I support these wireless messaging platforms (voice mail, MMS, and SMS) that you all are complaining about. :)

www.comverse.com based in Wakefield, MA and Tel Aviv and www.mavenir.com based in Dallas and India.

I've seen the progression from not wanting wireless calls, to leave voicemail instead. Then subscribers wanted texting only because voicemail required two-way interaction steps to dial in, retrieve, and delete. Now folks don't want to even have to call voicemail. They want voicemail to text and MMS only. Subscribers don't want to answer the phone because VoIP calling has made it so easy for telemarketers to spoof numbers. Now spammers are using text messaging and email to mobile traffic to send more spam messaging since subscribers are wising up and not answering from unknown places.

The next evolution in messaging soon to launch this year will be "Rich Messaging". You can send direct messages to each other and also see when someone's real time phone status is busy/idle/away/DnD/in meeting/ etc. Seems like we are getting more invasive on the "did you get my text? I see you actively online, why aren't you responding?" realm.

Even the customer service reps that send me escalated tickets talk in abbreviated nonsense (CCalld N 2advise msg not wrkng corrtly. Tk out bty and rst location, flwd all tblshtng stps). Half the time the English is so bad that I have to call subscribers to get a better sense of the issue and it's typically only 30% correct of what the actual issue turns out to be.

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  • 9 months later...

I have a long list of pet peeves; but here are a few:

1. Wrong: I would rather be a hammer then a nail. This means one would rather be a hammer before becoming a nail.

Right: I would rather be a hammer THAN a nail. People use "then" for "than" on every forum throughout the internet in epidemic proportions.

2. Wrong: It needs washed.

Right" It needs TO BE washed. or: It needs washING.

3. Wrong: She gave the car to my wife and I. (the highly educated seem to get this one wrong all the time thinking that when any noun or pronoun is followed by an "and" an "I" must come next, even when in the objective form!)

Right: She gave the car to my wife and ME.

4. Wrong: It is me. Or: They like Reattas just like me. (this means they like Reattas just like they like me.)

Right: It is I. Or They like Reattas just like I. (this means they like Reattas just like I do.)

That is just a few, but you get the idea.

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Oh boy,

Does this open up a can of contention. I am unspeakably (pun intended) irritated by "txt msg englsh". Of course, this is just an extension of a decades old tendency that seems to have started with computer wonks; that of eliminating vowels to abbreviate words, probably originally intended to save precious bytes of RAM storage. To be blunt, text messaging just p/$$#s me off in general. Lets see, what do you use to send text messages? Yeah, that's right, a phone.

Thus, with the very same device you are already carrying, you can make calls with it and actually speak [oh, how terribly imposing, I have to form words with my mouth?] in real time to someone without having to decipher near unintelligible strings of abbreviations, or bang out textual garbage on an ergonomic bastardization of a so called keyboard. Then there is the auto-complete (T9 Text function) that most phones now have that guesses and fills in words based on the first 2 or 3 letters you typed. I recall a comedian doing a routine about this, sending a text message to his girlfriend when he was sloppy drunk. She later asked him why he wanted to kick her puppy when he got home.

What is the fascination with this stupid, time wasting, glaucoma and carpal-tunnel inducing means of communicating? It takes longer, and is far less effective. I am proud to say I have never in my life sent a text message, and if I ever received one, wouldn't answer it. If someone wants to talk to me, they best be prepared to do it in an intelligent and more conventional means than text messaging. I simply refuse to play that fools game. I suppose this makes me sound like a sanctimonious jerk, but I really cannot stand text messaging.

Having vented on that issue, I will say that I am often bothered by poor spelling and pronunciation, but I also realize that there are people who are not endowed with these skills for one reason or another. Some are learning disabled (I have relatives with such problems) and others just received a poor education. These I can understand, and even excuse.

Conversely, those who know better but are too lazy to do it right will not always find me so charitable. I have received emails from people I know who can and usually do send properly composed messages. Then they suddenly throw me a curveball of illiteracy, and I have have been known to reply "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot". If I have to guess what you are trying to say, or what that point is, then you failed to communicate properly. Please try again.




I agree with every single word you said (typed, actually) and also REFUSE to join the farce called texting.

My grown children all use it, but all have been sternly advised by their father to not waste their time sending me a text 'cause I positively will NOT even attempt to read it or respond. My cell phone "ring tone" sounds like an old-fashioned, good old days telephone. When you call me I simply say "hello" and we go from there.

I am totally amazed how much time people waste sitting around wiggling their thumbs on a teenie "keyboard" when in less than five seconds they could be connected and actually speak to someone. Instead, they choose to go back and forth for the next 15 minutes sending blip after blip of mumbo jumbo.

Sorry, but I just don't get it. Don't care to learn either!

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Well looks like this thread is back for another round. I will say that since I broke down and purchased a smart phone (a couple of years ago now) I've begrudgingly come to use texting to a limited extent. It is useful in a few instances. Since I do service work I can have a jobsite address or phone number sent to me by text, which avoids transcription errors when getting it verbally. This is even more true if I am not immediately able to write something down (while driving, 20' up on a ladder, stuck inside a crawl space, etc.)

It is also useful to send a quick picture of something so I can identify what parts may be needed. There are so many brands and styles of plumbing fixtures now that it is impossible to stock service parts for them all. If a customer sends me a good picture of a faucet, or inside of the toilet tank, I can usually identify what will be needed and pick it up before arriving at the site. While this could also be done by email, texting is in fact faster and easier, if only marginally.

Now, having said that, the downsides to texting remain the same. It has contributed to poor spelling, grammar, and general loss of social grace for many people. Of course, this is really just laziness at it's core, so those who are guilty would probably have exhibited that laziness somehow anyway. Texting (and related bastardizations like social media) just provide an easy outlet for the widepsread display of not caring to maintain any standards of decorum.

This is getting further away from the topic at hand, but I have not caved on social media, nor will I. I participate in forums like this one, but never used myspace when it was the prevalent platform, never had (and still don't) a facebook page, no presence at all on instagram, youtube, vine or twitter. Never will, either - end of discussion. This junk used to be constrained to teenagers and college kids. Now the masses have drunk the kool-aid and some criticize me openly for refusing to go along. I like to tell them peer pressure never works on me as I have no peers. Yes, I do enjoy trolling these types now and again as it is so easy to do. How someone can be so indignant - even angry - at my simply refusing to join the crowd is a curious psychological quirk.

Many have put their lives on display, and will (many already have) come to regret it. Anything you say can and will be used against you, and that has become a major factor in a lot of people being publically destroyed because they couldn't keep their mouth shut. The posting of information (pictures especially) that dislcose compromising or outright criminal activity is common. As are other "offenses" that constitute thought-crime in the public sphere. Someone criticizes the wrong sacred cow in a tweet (free speech you say? What's that?) and let the wailing and calls for their being fired, monetarily and criminally penalized and worse (death threats are common against the so-called offender in these instances) go out like a virtual lynch mob.

The reason I mention that is because it is all related under the guise of modern instant communications, and the resulting tendency not to think before one speaks that seems to come with it. So, people become their own worst enemy by not knowing when to suppress their remarks for their own benefit and protection.

Really, these platforms appeal to the worst human tendencies of narcissism, fishing for compliments (what do you think that like button is really about, after all?) and status whoring. People so desperate for validation they will put a picture of their $10 Starbucks up for everyone to to see. These are all symptoms of a larger problem. I don't purport to have a solution (well, not one that anyone will like, certainly) but I recognize the problem quite clearly. For now, I've adapted to a limited extent regarding texting but have no inclination to go beyond that. If that makes me relic I don't really care. I never did hang out with the in-crowd and jump on their stupid bandwagons anyway.


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I'm on the same page 100% and can clearly understand your need for the occasional text for professional purposes.

My photo must certainly be next to 'dinosaur' in the dictionary because I flat refuse to join Facebook, Twitter, or any of those so-called 'social' raves. I value my personal privacy too much to take the bait.

And, yes, I still use an 'outdated' flip phone. The ONLY time I wish I had a smart phone is to check the weather forecast, but since those dudes are incorrect the majority of the time (sigh).....oh well.....furthermore, there's usually someone within 10 feet who has a smart phone that's more than willing to check the weather for me. It gives their fingers something to do!

Seems I recall a line in one of Sinatra's songs about "give me the simple life".

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Guest my3buicks

I'm not sure why this thread has any business even on the forums??? It has nothing to do with Buick's, nothing to do with Reatta's.

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Well, it doesn't now really. But, as with most forums a thread is started and often runs amok diverging wildly from it's original premise; assuming the subject was ever germane to begin with. Looking back it was a general gripe about lack of etiquette and standards in posts to this forum. I share some culpability for threadjacking it, so if the mods would like to kill the thread or want me to delete my posts, I will do so without any argument. Of course, they can do either without consulting me which is fully their right within the terms of service. With that said, I will forego any further posts in this thread.


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Guest my3buicks

Lol, correct Bob. As far as the thread and more importantly, the roots of the thread, with such a diverse background of members from some with basic education to others with multiple degrees, this can only lead to hard feelings for those members that don't have a grasp and the knowledge of the English language that some may have. Regardless how Rob for eloquent a post is, we can figure it out.

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