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Oil pipe, angle of of holes - Dodge 4

Aussie Dodge

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Hi Guy's, Can someone please advise. I am currently in the process of reconditioning the engine in my 1925 Dodge. I have noticed that the holes in the main oil feed pipe above the cam, faced directly downwards indicating that oil is NOT poured directly onto the cam and lifters. A local mechanic (friend) has suggested that the pipe may be in the incorrect position, although not sure, he suggested that the oil pipe should be turned so that the oil holes pour oil directly onto the cam and lifters. Is this correct? or are the cam and lifters sufficiently oiled by oil spray and mist, due the action of the crank passing through the sump? If the oil pipe needs to be turned, how is this done? I have looked very carefully at all points where the pipe passes through the casting and I can't see what is holding the pipe in it's present position, it appears to be a very tight push fit. Any information greatly appreciated. Regards - Ted

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G'day Ted. To remove the main oil feed pipe, you need to remove a threaded stud at the rear end of the block, where the external oil pipe for the guage is clipped. This threaded stud has a spiggot on it that enters a hole in the main oil feed pipe. This also positions the oil holes in the main oil feed pipe in the correct location. Once the stud is removed you can remove the main oil feed pipe by tapping the rear end and removing from the forward end of the engine.

Hope this is helpful. Regards Bob (Melbourne)

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the holes in the spray tube are to keep the troughs in the oil pan tray full of oil so as the connecting rod dippers have a reservoir of oil to lube the big end bearings and thersfore they do point down.

The camshaft and lifters receive plenty of mist oil for adequate lubrication.

Hope this helps.


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