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My third brake light doesn't work, whats wrong?

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My third brake wasn't working so i took the lens cover off and saw that some bulbs are good and some are blown. So my question is: do all the bulbs stop working if one blows? Also, which fuse in the fuse block powers the third brake light? Thanks everybody..... :)

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No, each bulb is independant.

The normal problem with the upper brake lights are the wiring connections to both the live and ground straps that get loose over time. The easiest thing to do is clean the rivets and the straps and solder the connections. Also clean and lubricate all the bulb contacts, they corode as well.

Good luck.

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You can also drill out the small rivits holding the wire lugs to the circuit board and replace them will small brass or stainless steel bolts and nuts. Most decent hardware stores have these in the small hardware drawers section.

You'll need to peel back the rubber gasket on the underside of the tonneau cover to expose the screws holding the CHSL to the trim.

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