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help needed - 30 Olds Convertible Roadster

Guest hfxtoolman

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Guest hfxtoolman

Greetings to all from Herring Cove, Nova Scotia

I have a 1930 Olds Deluxe Convertible Roadster which I purchased in Ontario about 4 years ago. This car has been in some stage of restoration since about 1964, under at least 4 owners, and in at least 7 locations.

Understandably, some things have been lost in this epic project.

The main things that are missing include:

Windshield frame lower piece. This is made up of two castings, and also forms the fascia and the base for the windshield posts.

Windshield frame upper piece.

Golf club door and its hinges and lock.

Hinges for driver's door.

Posts under headlights.

Rumble seat steps



Errol Pierce

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Guest hfxtoolman

Greetings to all, again.

A word to the wise.

A few days ago I had an email from London, England.

An unnamed(forum rules) person was offering to sell

me all the parts I'm seeking.

His email goes like this:

"I have the requested items in stock at an affordable and negotiable

prices. Kindly get back to me if you are still interested in

purchasing the items. What's your phone # ?"

After several back and forths by email, I began to sus-

pect a fraud.

He was unable to provide any pictures, wouldn't give

me any numbers which might help identify the car,

and wouldn't allow an inspection without a substantial


I tried googling his name, which turned up nothing.

Today I had a minor brainwave(it happens the odd time) and decided to google his email address.

Of 9 results, 8 identified him by name and address

as a fraudster.

Here is a link to a typical result:


Maybe this will help someone else avoid a loss.


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