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1930 muncie transmission

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looking for the speedometer cable housing that bolts to the rear of a 1930 muncie 3 speed tranny in a 1930 buick marquette. Also need the speedo gear.

Jeff Schreiner

Fall Creek, wi

1911 buick model 27

1929 model A

1930 buick marquette

1967 mustang convt.

1967 mustang shelby GT 500

2010 SLP Camaro ( future antique )

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  • 3 years later...

Randy, Randy, Randy.

The post is four years old, and he doesn't have a transmission, he was looking for parts, as you apparently are.

And, no bad language on this forum.....YEARS on this forum, and first time I've seen anyone use bad language...it's just not that kind of forum...

If you need something, make a polite request...but Marquette parts are few and far between...

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The 1930 Marquette Muncie gearbox is identical to the 1928 -1930 Oldsmobile gearbox. So if you look for Oldsmobile as well it should considerably increase your chances.

Also Vintage and Classic Reproductions in Australia has this part listed in their on-line catalog under Oldsmobile. Good luck in your search.

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