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I have been selling Covercraft covers for 27 years. They are the major US manufacturer of covers and within the last year purchased the Wolf brand.

The covers offered at WalMart, and auto parts stores may be perfectly OK but look at the brand and where it was made. As we all know many foreign countries do not honor patents and some materials are copies of popular materials used in the US.

For that reason you may not know how "soft" or non-scratching a cover might be until it is too late and there is no company to stand behing the product.

Within the trade there are "ready fit" covers and "custom fit" covers. For inside use the ready fit may be ok but outside a ready fit cover may be oversize and blow off the car during even light winds.

Do a little home work and be very careful when selecting a cover for a car with a good paint job.

I will be happy to talk to anyone that wants more information or suggestions on covers.

I do not want to run a commercial on the forum.

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I have a Covercaft custom outdoor cover on my 47 Special 4dr. I sent it in for repair, two years into the four year warranty. It was determined to be UV damaged and will be replaced...no questions asked. I should receive it back in a few days. Excellent cover, excellent people and a company that stands behind their product...and very important Made In the U.S.A.


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I purchased a car last year from Barney, for my fathers 48 Super convertible. Its a light weight material designed for indoor as well as outdoor protection. My father had that cover on the car at the Nationals the morning it rained cats and dogs.

I feared it may not hold up well in that storm and ran the show field to check on the car. The water was pouring off as fast as it touched the cover, the car stayed bone dry inside, and the cover was dried out with in 15 minutes after the rain stopped.

Well worth every penny!

Why spend thousands of dollars to restore a car, and then trust your paint to a $29.95 cover from Walmart.

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