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Center console power discovery


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In the '90-91 Reatta, there is a short wiring harness for the ash tray light and the 12v outlet. This harness connects to the car via a pair of connectors just to the rear of the shifter. In the 90-93 Riviera version of the console, there is also a panel for rear passengers which includes an additional 12v outlet, ash tray w/light, and also an interior light.

The expanded Riv harness plugs right into the same connectors as the Reatta harness. The interesting thing is that the interior light was also wired on the Reatta - even though it is not normally used - and the Riv light works just fine. This factoid is of limited use to convertible owners because the rear of the console butts up against the tonneau storage compartment. But coupe owners might find it useful for additional cargo area illumination when you have the doors open.

Either way, the Riv harness gives a "plug n play" way to get an extra 12v outlet without cutting and splicing wires.

No idea if any of this applies to pre-90 cars.

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