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Pass Side Vent Glass With Assembly Anybdoy USe?


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I have a passenger side vent glass that cost us a little more than $250 in excellent condition. It comes with the complete frame ( no mirror/ assembly) This is from an 89-91 but I know 1988 interchanges as well. This is an excellent used glass with no marks or any scratches that you can see or feel. I will sell at $300 packed and shipped- delivered within the continental USA. We are experts at shipping glass worldwide so guaranteed to arrive safely and insured. We will ship for additional freight charges outside the States. Hopefully this is a good deal for someone.


ProSource glass International

Toll Free 877-345-2800 Toll Free US & Canada


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Guest drcolonel

I'm looking for the driverside vent glass for a 1990- would you happen to have one of those as well? Or know a place to check for one?

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