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1928 Hupmobile Model M 8 Cylinder Coupe

Guest whitegloveauto

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Guest whitegloveauto

I was wondering if any of the club members have a photograph or a manual diagram of a 1928 Hupmobile Model M 8 Cylinder Coupe engine shots of how all the linkages hook up. Everything is in a box and a bit confusing. The gentleman that was restoring this car passed away and I located it through John Snowberger who has restored the Hupmobile Comet. I aquired the Hupmobile Bonneville from John. If anybody has any information on the Hupmobile Bonneville at 608-780-8229 or send an email to Richard Blomquist at whitegloveauto@hotmail.com. I am also looking for a photo of what the bumper and irons look like on the back the 1928 Hupmobile Model M. Thank you. I also have a 1928 Hupmobile Sedan parts car if anyone is looking. You can see photos of the Bonneville Hup I am restoring on my website at www.whiteglovecollection.com

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