1922 Buick starter/generator

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This has been a great experience on help available through this group. I would like to thank everyone for their help on my project. I am still in need of brushes, field coil, and arm if anyone has parts to sell. Please let me know.

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Hallo everybody,

Just new to the Forum, that I found by typing ''Delco motor generator''.

My 24-47 has become very difficult to start, even with a new battery, so I expect the starter needing a bit of service.

It looks like the one Mark pics (Oct.30) and the pic down rigth from TBlack; is that the 251 type?

Can anyone tell me how to take the starter-generator from the engine? From Mark's pic I suppose 3 mounting bolts or studs on the underside. But I have not the faintest idea whether I can just lift the s-g out after undoing them. Do I have to undo any other connections (apart from the electric ones) and do I have to take precautions for the ignition timing?

Sorry if am not totally clear in my questioning, as I do not have the car nearby to get a good look at it. But with an answer I will be able to take a better look next week.

Cheers, Lex

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