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1932 Ford Model B project

Guest Dean_H.

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Guest Dean_H.

Thanks for the compliments, sounds like a neat old trailer.

The old Ford is coming along. Nothing too technical, we simply bolt on parts when the body shop turns them out. The fit up has been decent and using new bolts, it's fairly easy. Time is becoming an issue however, I'm only available to work on it one day a week now. ...Some pictures of our progress.

Here the body is sitting loose on the frame.


In this picture, Fred is putting in some body bolts. You'll also notice the firewall is installed. Kind of an odd set up there, the body cinches down around the firewall holding it in place. We're also putting in new weather stripping everywhere, so squeaks should be minimal.


A back view after we installed the rear fenders. Fred bought new running board rubber and we glued that on before installing them.


And last but not least, the front view of the car with hood and grille looking pretty spiffy.


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Guest Dean_H.

OK, so this'll be my last update on the Ford since I no longer have it at my place. Yesterday, I transported it back to Fred's house. We managed to get most of the body parts installed and the drive train is done. It still needs windows, wiring and interior, but I think we got through a lot of the heavy lifting on the project.

Fred is going to finish it up at his house. My schedule has become quite busy and I could no longer find time to work on it. Fortunately Fred is more than capable and will likely have it on the road soon. It was fun seeing this neat old car coming together. We worked hard to get the fit up right. Fred will have a real beauty when he's done.

Let's see...pictures! Every one loves pictures!

Here's one I snapped yesterday after pushing it out of the shop. Ford sure had a nice looking front end on the 32s.


In this picture you can see the interior is still in need of some attention.


Our dog (Candy) relaxes as the old Ford leaves the building. :)


There it is in front of Fred's house. Sure did get a lot of 'thumbs up' on the road. It's a great looking car.


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Guest Dean_H.

Thanks for the compliments ESGEE. The last time I talked to the owner of this '32 Ford (about a year ago) he had the car running well enough to drive it around his neighborhood. The interior still needed to be done and he indicated the paint shop was going to buff the exterior. There were a few issues, as would be expected during a restoration - water pump had developed a leak, fuel gauge not working, electrical/wiring etc. he was working through those. The guy is a perfectionist and talks to lot of people before he completes tasks, it may take a while, but'll be nicely done when finished.

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