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50's vintage 15" Dodge wheels

Guest RemcoW

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After cleaning the garage out, I've put these two rims on ebay:

15" Vintage dodge wheel 5 x 4.5: eBay Motors (item 170556391713 end time Oct-30-10 12:21:17 PDT)

15" Vintage dodge wheel 5 x 4.5: eBay Motors (item 170556390787 end time Oct-30-10 12:18:52 PDT)

Note they both have a buy-it-now for $60 and specified that, if a bid has not been made yet, I've reserved the right to cancel the auction.

If any AACA member is interested in them, I'll let them go for $50 a piece with actual shipping cost (which will likely be around $20).

I'm in CT, if you want to come pick them up and save on shipping costs.



(203) 526-3763

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