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With an ordinary Fingernail...

Guest Double M

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Guest Double M

Using an ordinary Fingernail on my ordinary finger...

I was able to repair the cracking and yucky looking black plastic cover on the shifter in the console. You know that thing that slides along as you shift into a gear. It is covered with a plastic film and was cracking & peeling amd looking rather old and yucky.

At first I covered it with a tape, but the imperfections came thru anyway and it looked like a yucky old thing with some tape slapped on it.

Then I started to try to smooth it out and behold! A very nice chrome surface awaits you below the black stuff that covers it! The piece itself is very difficult to get to.

With a little rubbing back and forth I was able to scrape and/or peel away the cracking peeling black covering to reveal the chrome plastic underneath. Now it looks brand new! Pics coming tommorow!:cool::cool:

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Guest Double M
The link below will be useful if you ever decide you want to put the black tape back on.

Vinyl Gearshift Tape Replacement Instructions*-*ReattaOwner.com

Thanx Ronnie, but the page says...

1990 & 1991?s are completely different and these procedures do not apply.

So if ya have a 90, just find yourself a Fingernail.

Once the old plastic film was removed it is easy enuf to slide a new piece in w/o any dissasembly at all. I was able to slide it in easily but I am leaving the chrome for now. I am a big proponent of the "if it aint broke, dont fix (or dissasemble) it" saying.

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