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Something you don't see everyday.

Guest sintid58

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Guest my3buicks

Sid, unique yes, functional ???? THat was a trunk back there, not a hatchback - and the trunk was lacking. Had one in the family, so very familiar with them.

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This was Buick's version of the new "aero" intermediate-size GM cars. I was thinking "hatchback", but it's been a while since I've seen one. Ought to be a pretty nice car, once made road-worthy. Good MPG from the 305-4bbl and (probably) a THM200-family trans.

Just some thougths,


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Guest Dans 77 Limited

A friends mother had one back when I was in high school. It was a 2 tone like this one but it was in green :eek:. She was also the librarian at our high school and he had keys ...... so we used to steal it at lunch time and go get food or smokes or go joyriding or take girls with us for rides (insert evil grin and arched eyebrows here). This one was a V6 and had no power whatsoever. His mom was an easily upset woman and Ill never forget I took it one day to go get cigarettes and somewhere along the way I must have hit a bird with the Century. She come out to get in her car after school and a dead bird was sticking out of the grill of the Century. We attended a rather large high school (approx 2000 students spread out over a several acre campus) and I can still remember hearing "Harriet" screaming from clear across the school parking lot. I ran across the lot to see what was the matter and when I got there and saw the bird sticking out of the grill and the absolutely shocked expression on my friends mothers face I couldnt help it I busted out laughing. My friend caught 7 different kinds of hell for it and she confiscated his keys to the Century. I guess you just had to be there but Ive started chuckiling just thinking about it .


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