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I have started in making 1934 Plymouth Tail light bodys . I'm Just checking on this thread to see if there is any interest in them. I am making a couple pair

to see how they go these will be made of brass and have the spring clip inside for the lense the lense is made of glass and with the Name plymouth in them if required... Dennis I also make the 1928 - 31 Dodge , Plymouth , Chrysler , Desoto, Graham , Durant tail light bodys check out my Photo album for Pic's under Dennis Gooch and other Mopar lenses ... Kind regards Dennis

Thanks to those who have bought bodys and lenses...

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I am building a 32 plymouth can you send pics and phone number


Rockin'4 JESUS


Hi Randy, Have put some photos in my album under Dennis Gooch of the 1934 Plymouth Tail light bodys that i'm making this represents where i am with them at this stage still a wee way to go with them... Kind regards Dennis

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