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85 Riviera T-type


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I'm going to be looking at an '85 Riviera T-type this week and am wondering what to look for on it? Any special things to be aware of and check if they are functioning?

On curious note, were they ever offered with a console and floor shifter? Are the front spindles shared with the ZQ8 Blazer offering bigger rotors and twin piston calipers?


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Guest wildcat465

In my opinion, things to look for include:

Make sure air intake pieces are all accounted for. These are 84-85 Riv T-Type specific, and nearly impossible to find.

I learned with my 85 T-Type, that if someone who is unfamiliar with these cars has worked on it, there could be trouble. My 85 has a butchered wiring harness that I am still trying to sort out.

If the car you are looking at does not run well, understand that the ignition and fuel injection pieces for these cars are tough to get and expensive. If it does run well, you will have a car that is a blast to drive. Make sure the purchase price reflects this.

The center console is the same as the optional one for any Riv. No OEM style floor shift, but I would love to see one engineered in. (Hmmm, possible future project)

I do not know if ZQ8 brakes can be outfitted. Probably an expense that is not necessary, stock set up works very well. The brakes are the same as regular Riv. Also shares pads and rotors with 4WD S10 of similar vintage. I put in Performance Friction brand pads, best damn pads you can buy, stops on a dime and then picks it up.

I picked up a 58000 mile unmolested 84 this spring and have put 4000 miles on it so far this year. Every one with a smile on my face.

I hope the one you are looking at is a good car, and you get the chance to enjoy it.

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Guest wildcat62

What Paul said. But I'll add this, I was lucky to not have this problem with any of mine, but Riviera's of this vintage can have transmission problems, both T-Types and the non T-Types. Make sure you take it for a test drive at low, and higher speeds. If it's got an issue, you'll feel it.

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