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Help, Corvette Knowledge Needed


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Guest Silverghost


Post some digital photos of the chassis if you can get under there !

I need front, rear, and side photos !

I know the correct chassis , body, and drive train like the back of my own hand !

I have been around , and have owned about 20 early solid axel corvettes over the last 30 years !

I can help you out !

I will ID the chassis for you !

If it IS an original chassis...

Your asking price is WAY too LOW !

All this despite the incorrect engine !

The original engines are out there !

I have a FI 1960 Corvette now~

Have owned for over 30 years !

Call or email me directly !

I will guide you here ...


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Guest Silverghost

I am still waiting for him to post new photos on his original For Sale 54 Corvette Project thread...

He could also email them to me !

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