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Caring for wood trim on '63?


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Before I replaced the wood in mine I tried to rub it down with some oil I bought to preserve wood. I don't recall the name but they sell it in every antique store around here. But it looked bad after I wiped it on. There was a finish on the wood in the car. Where the finish was didn't take any product and looked light. Where the finish was cracked or worn off did take the product and looked dark. My wood trim was in bad shape. So I really wasn't upset. I knew I was going to replace it anyhow. Be careful oils might not pentrate the clear finish and may make a uneven color pattern on the wood.

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Be sure to remove any & all car wax before you try sand and spray any new laquer.

Use Wet or Dry paper to sand lightly. Use this paper dry if you plan to spray clear laquer.

Do NOT use any oil wood products.

You will not be happy with the results as stated above.

Good Luck & nice car !

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