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Many of you have mentioned cup holders, so here it is! Like my Shelfence, there is no modification to your Reatta whatsoever, except for removing the ash tray. The 12 volt outlet is still easily usable. Plus the mirror & window buttons are easily reached. The hole is 3” in diameter. Your fingers can handily reach the latch for opening the console.

Price $40.00 + $ 8.00 Shipping

Personal checks and Paypal accepted.

For more info email me at rniven@netzero.net

Or call me:

Robert D. Niven

Phone: (615) 876-0042 (TN)




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That looks great.

I would like to buy one only with a modification. I have/use reading glasses and also have an MP3 player. Could you reconfigure the cup stop bracket to be a holder to set things in? Or maybe another bracket for the glasses and MP3 player. [Kind of like a storage caddy].

It would beat going into the console.

But I am very interested.

Another thing you might want to take a look at is a tray that replaces the cassette tray. That way one could store the most needed stuff there and the least used stuff under the modified cassette tray.

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Just find an attractive cup to use as a junk box. Or, check the auto stores for some of those attachments, made of some kind of net, for holding cell phones,.etc. Could easily be attached. I store my glasses on my rear view mirror. Your idea for a container to replace the casette tray is good.

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I know because I had a friend make the tray for me. Been using it for three years now. I keep hand lotion, chap stick, aspirin. etc... in it. It has a divider down the middle the long way a little higher/taller then the outsde edges of the tray. We used the cassette box for a guide.

Works well.

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Guest my3buicks

just bought one of these from Bob, FANTASTIC ! ! I will use the above suggestion also and put a rubber cup from another makes cupholder in the 2nd hole for when i travel to hold whatever. Thanks Bob!!!!!


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