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New member with '48 & '49 Buick aspirations

Guest Reijer

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Hello all,

My name's Reijer. I live in The Netherlands and came upon this forum while browsing for info on late forties Buicks. In the future I'd love to own, maintain or do a rolling restoration on a '48 or '49 Sedanette. Both are such beautiful designs. Hunting & buying one won't happen for a few more years for practical and financial reasons. In the meanwhile I intend to do my homework: browse this forum for information on different models and options, parts availability and prices, tips and tricks, do's and don'ts etc. Basically I need to figure out what I am getting myself into. One thing is clear though: I will have to hunt for an original and complete car because getting a customized classic car registered in Holland is... well, let's say it's involved. Looking for parts in Holland is an exercise in futility and buying lots of missing parts in the US will cost a small fortune is shipping and import taxes.

I'm very fond of American classic car from the mid thirties to the early sixties. I prefer original cars or cars restored to original condition, but definitely appreciate a well executed hot rod or custom car. Muscle cars however I do not understand. I do like small modernizations that make classic cars more reliable and safe to drive (electronic ignitions, disc brakes, radial tires etc.).

My first and only car is a 1964 Lincoln Continental sedan. I intend to keep it as original as possible. It has been resprayed at one time. The interior has also been redone. I bought it in 2006 and after a few months I found out the motor was in a bad state. It needed a complete rebuild because the rod bearings were knocking under load and one of the pistons had overheated and was now rattling in the cylinder. I decided to park the car (in order to avoid doing more damage) and made a reservation with a reputable mechanic who owns his own shop rebuilding American motors. During the rebuild process I did the engine bay and all things therein. Also did the leafsprings, bushings, electrical work and a lot of little jobs. After a lot of work I now enjoy the car during nice (and dry!) weekends in spring and summer. For those interested: I keep a fairly detailed 'diary' on cardomain: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2323897 Also I'm active member of the best internet forum for Lincolns and Continentals from the sixties and seventies. It's called thelincolnforum.net http://www.thelincolnforum.net/phpbb3/index.php



Here's my '64 (I hope it's okay to post these two photos in this Buick section):



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Welcome to the Buick forum. Are you aware there are quite a gathering of Buick ppeople in The Netherlands,m and a local Buick Club.

The listed contact for that club , The Dutch Buick Club is

Gerardde Besten

Peperdonk 15


3206 CB

Phone 0031 181 645013

I am sure the group there will also be a good asset to help you in your search. And the Licoln is a nice car, too.


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Welcome Reijer.

When the time comes, the safest thing to do may be to find a nice car in North America and ship it over there. Of course, I don't know how many may already be in your part of Europe - perhaps you will find something there that suits you.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the welcome and the tips. I'll certainly contact the Dutch Buick Club. I already found one Dutch 1949 owner on this forum called Ina. She's a brave woman, judging by the photos of her project.

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